Our Turkish Bath is a one of a kind service that will exceed all your expectations. This service is 90 minutes and costs $139 per person.

Service is done in a private room, where it’s only you and the therapist.
You can have up to 8 guests in your party.

What to bring?   just yourself 🙂

What to wear? We provide you with Turkish robes to cover you during the session but we recommend ladies wear a two piece for added comfort.

Before the Treatment begins-

You will be directed to our locker room, where you can leave your belongings. You will then be accompanied to the Turkish Bath.

This luxurious steam room is made of hand made Turkish tiles. The entire room is operated by a main computer to control the temperature and steam intervals.

Bench and bed tiles are heated from beneath by heating elements to a very comfortable temperature.

First 30 minutes-

You can sit in the room and relax on the heated tiles, while the steam machine gushes steam in the room. You will be provided with copper bowls to pour water on yourself to hydrate your body and get your skin ready for exfoliation. Meanwhile the LED lights in the room change to 7 different colors, making the steam change colors while listening to a very relaxing surround sound music.

Second 30 minutes-

Once your skin is ready for exfoliation, a therapist will enter the room and lay you on the tile bed face down. If you feel uncomfortable you can ask for towels or a foam bed to lay on. She will then start washing your body with Moroccan “black soap”. Once the debris and oils are washed away from your skin, she will use a Turkish mitt to exfoliate your entire body. At this time you can actually see your old skin rolling off your body resurfacing new skin.

This is a very cleansing and at the same time extremely relaxing experience. Skin is so ready by this point that easily separates itself from the new underlying skin. It should feel a bit rough but not painful. If you feel pain at any time, make sure to communicate with the therapist so they can adjust the pressure of scrub.

Last 30 minutes-

This session feels like flying in the clouds. The therapist makes foam in a unique traditional way and covers you in a cloud of foam. Foam massage starts and continues for 30 minutes, then the shower heads from the top of the dome ceiling pour warm water to rinse the foam away. After you are thoroughly cleansed, the computer activates the cold mist machines. This cools you off and closes your pours.

This service is recommended before a massage or facial treatment.