An oasis for pampering and relaxation where you leave the hassles of everyday life behind the door and enter into a state of bliss.

Our unique Turkish bath is so relaxing and cleansing that takes you to a journey to heaven on earth in 90 minutes!  Come and join us!

There are a thousand ways to unwind and relax, and we have chosen you the best of the best. Let’s see….!
A relaxing Swedish massage will take you to the lands far beyond reach in imagination …… especially if you add aromatherapy of your choice to your massage to enjoy the refreshing, calming or energizing aroma in you trip to the enchanting land of peaceful bliss.
A deep tissue massage will do wonders on your fatigued and stressed out muscles like plunging in ice water on a hot steamy summer …..just imagine that…….
pre-natal massage is an excellent choice to prepare the little angel inside your body to be welcomed soon into our fascinating world! ……
A hot lava stone is a deep relaxing companion to add to your massages to benefit from the extra relaxation and deep joyful sensation.


To prepare for any massage treatment, you may schedule a 30 minutes steam session(mild heat) or 45 minutes infra red sauna session (Lots of sweating- need to be healthy enough to use sauna ) to enjoy your massage session to the fullest leaving all your tensions behind.


  Call us at 407-248-8828 to schedule your appointment. You’ll be glad you did.  We guarantee it!