1. Don’t use cheap hair. Quality is everything when it come to hair extensions. Even though it is more attractive financially to go with the more affordable route but we always get what we pay for and that is true with hair extensions as well. Most cost of this service is the cost of hair and good hair is very expensive.

    You only want to use “Remy hair cuticle intact”. This means that the hair was not striped from it’s natural cuticles when it was processing so the extension will sit in the same direction as your natural hair causing a natural blend. This also is the reason why some extensions tangle easy and some don’t!

  2. Don’t use a regular stylist. Extension experts are like plastic surgeons in the salon business. You wouldn’t have your regular doctor do plastic surgery on you. Would you!? Just because a person is a stylist, it doesn’t make them a good hair extension applicator. It takes knowledge, patients and vision combined with creativity to do great hair extensions.
  3. Don’t use any glue extensions. Glue extensions are extremely damaging to your hair. One of the keys to have great hair extensions is regular maintenance. Any extension that can be removed and reapplied after 6-8 weeks without any glue residue is good to consider. When you can’t maintain and change the placement of the hair extensions, then you are applying pressure to the same hair that is holding the extension in place. This make the hair week and fragile and causes it to break.
  4. Don’t use just one color extension. Color matching is an art and it is very important to use multiple shades of color. When you look at your own hair, you will see different shades not just one color. Using 2-3 different shades and mixing them will give a much more natural look.
  5. Don’t use just one type of extensions. There are different types of extensions that are made for different parts of the head. Some extensions have camouflage effect and can be used on the sides of head which are hard to hide. This camouflage effect makes the extension invisible if wind blows or if you have an active life style. Some others need to be used in the middle of the hair since our concern is volume.

    Wish you best of luck in your research for your next hair extensions. Please let me know if you have any questions! I am a stylist educator for hair extensions and have been doing extensions for over 15 years.